Welcome to my backup blog!

For now, it is my backup blog, but I think that I will begin to post something about my planned software DausIM and some other programming materials afterwards.

In my plan, DausIM is an attempt to get rid of the overwhelming *SERVER* concept in IMs, as people are mostly afraid to talk rude things online because of censorship.

Instant Messengers can't live without a gateway connecting geologically separated people together, which is why servers come into play.

Now that everyone has a mobile, it is convenient to assume that it suffices to follow up one device to contact one person.

If an authority server is absent, a communicator must reach out for somebody unknown to get another's IP, history messages, etc.

People can only be guaranteed that their message will *MOST LIKELY* make it to each other, and they never knows if a man in the middle exists.

Which is the UnSafe item in the title means. In fact, it should be even safer than a big company's guarantee.

The software is only an idea for now.